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Working With the VA: Understanding the Intricacies and Challenges to Successfully Process Hospital Claims

The VA partners with health systems to support Veteran care. As commercial carriers moved into the 21st century, hospitals are still struggling with old VA processes impacting reimbursement. Download the white paper and learn the intricacies of the VA to successfully capture revenue for these complex claims.  

Over the past several years, we have gained an immeasurable amount of information and data to show how difficult it is to work with the Department of Veteran Affairs. While the Department has made significant changes over the past few years, those changes do not erase the stigma and concerns that plagued the Veteran Administration for over two decades. Through this paper, we will highlight:

  • The history of Veteran Administration changes
  • How those changes influence Veteran benefits today
  • The pitfalls that make working with the VA a difficult endeavor 
  • Learn how to capture reimbursement for services rendered to Veterans

The VA is an ever-evolving organization that continues to expand, improve, and modify their original procedures. The VA still has room to grow and improve but having a business partner that knows and understands the VA’s goals, tendencies, and motives only makes more sense. As we continue to understand where the VA wants to go, we learn and understand their myriad of processes and procedures. Having a business partner that can communicate those goals and changes effectively is essential. Our knowledge and relationships with the VA makes that a reality. 

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