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The Need for Speed: Advantages of Automation When Processing Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

To ensure providers are collecting the maximum allowable amount owed for MVA claims, it’s imperative to incorporate systems and processes as an extension of your business office.

Few hospitals realize that MVA claims require an entirely different billing and revenue recovery process. MVA claims can have first-party and third-party liability claims, which means they are likely to be covered by auto policies or other liability insurance. With first-party, third-party liability and health insurances in the mix, coordination of benefits requires a delicate balance — understanding of the state and federal laws, extensive payer knowledge, and rigorous deadline management.

It is essential to ensure that there is an effective coordination of benefits strategy in place for motor vehicle accidents. 

  1. Attorneys (or legal representation) is a must-have for properly processing MVA claims.
  2. Hospital EHR systems must be equipped to manage multiple payers.
  3. Implement an automated assignment process to leverage registration information, with logic that includes automated ICD-10 code review.

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